God and the gays

So much has been taught about what “the Bible clearly says” when it comes to many things, including God’s supposed views on LGBTQ+ people.

Rather than a single statement or essay, we have compiled a list of links to resources to help you on your journey of faith as a member, parent, friend or other ally of the LGBTQ+ Christian community.

The links are from external sources, and do not necessarily represent the specific views or statements of Evolve Ministries. They are shared to encourage your prayerful consideration.

Canyonwalker connections

Researcher and author Kathy Baldock discusses the six most-often quoted scriptural references used to justify homophobia in the church.

Her book, Walking the Bridgeless Canyon, is meticulously researched with almost 500 footnotes. 


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This site includes links to a variety of articles and books, some free and some for sale. 


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matthew vines

Matthew Vines is an advocate for the acceptance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people within Christian communities and in society at large. 

His YouTube channel includes several videos from his own speeches related to his book, God and the Gay Christian.