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Evolve Church is a fully affirming, non-denominational congregation located near the area of OKC affectionately known as “The Gayborhood.” We incorporate mixed liturgical aspects to honor the diversity of our various backgrounds.

christ centered

Jesus modeled how to view Scripture, not by providing oversimplified, legalistic answers, but from the perspective of God’s love. We strive to view the Bible through the lens of Christ.


LGBTQIA+ inclusive

God is not hampered by gender or any gender-related constructs. We are made in God’s image, so why should we then allow such things to create division? YOU are God’s own image of love on earth.

questions welcome

As we journey, we inevitably face questions, including even our own long-accepted beliefs. At Evolve Church, we find growth within the very questions we often have been taught to fear or avoid. We don’t promise answers, but we will embrace the unknowns along with you.

worship service

Join us in OKC Sundays at 11am, 3208 N May Ave. Evolve is located across the street from Advance Auto Parts, in the Center Studio Art Building. We share a parking lot with Frankie’s. If 39th St is the Gayborhood, we’re in the Gayburbs!

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